Disney's Pleasure Island Corvette Display 2004
Thanks to Arch Simonson, Kerry Woll, & Mark Gustetter for the photos!

001.Following the Leader to Pleasure Island.JPG 002.Pleasure Island Display.jpg 003.Looking good at Pleasure Island.jpg 004.The three nicest cars at Pebbles.JPG 005.The calm before the touchy-feely storm.JPG
006.Duane's and Arlene's Carmine Red '98 was all shined up.JPG 007.Boy, they act like they've never seen a Black ZR1 before.JPG 008.Don't even THINK of touching the Darth Vader mobile, kid.JPG 009.Mr. and Mrs. Vader (Kim and Lisa) pose for posterity.JPG 010.Bill & Mary Lou.jpg
010a.Gary & Lucy.jpg 011.Arch & Sandy.jpg 012.Herman's 66 427.JPG 013.Ken's 94 C4.JPG 014.Kerry's 02 C5.jpg
015.Looking good at Pleasure Island.jpg 016.The Group 1.jpg 017.The Group 2.jpg 018.The Group 3.jpg 019.Family Photo with a 02 vette.jpg
020.Family Photo with a 66 vette.jpg 021.Family Photo with a C5 vette.jpg      

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