CFCA 31st Anniversary Party
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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026.As Tom, Sherry and Bear chill out in the shade---.jpg 027.John Behne shows us why he IS the PARTY ANIMAL.jpg 028.And who's the tanned babe Phil is talking with.jpg 029.Well, whatever Carol is saying, she sure has Phil's undivided attention.jpg 030.Kim and Lisa chat with Gary, Lucy and Becky.jpg
031.While Don shares a brew with Al Sowash.jpg 032.A happy foursome if there ever was one.jpg 033.And then it was time to EAT.jpg 034.Patty and Rob McKey enjoying their vittles.jpg 035.Don and Betty Ashe, Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, enjoying the festivities.jpg
036.JD and his lovely assistant, Macey, select a door prize winner.jpg 037.Don and Betty express their greatest appreciation to CFCA and its members.jpg 038.Don expresses his personal thanks to Mark for the Newsletter. with a beautiful Chevrolet watch.jpg 039.Somebody else approves, too.jpg 040.'Okay, son, you just walk right up to her and say . . .'.jpg
041.Cindi was counting cash and tearing tickets like a pro.jpg 042.The Electric Slide made another appearance.jpg 043.Tyson and his friend are all smiles.jpg 044.The door prize table was quite full.jpg 045.And, speaking of quite full . . ..jpg
046.The Party Barge makes another trip around the lake.jpg 047.So, where's Gilligan (taking pictures).jpg 048.Party Island, as seen from 'offshore'.jpg 049.Arlene is pretty sure we should've gone THAT way . . .jpg 050.Pretty soon, though, everyone was relaxed and enjoying the cruise.jpg

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