1 of 1Vettes at the Villages - 22 March 03
6 AM at Classic Chevy
The CFCA Row
A Corvettes Only Parade
Tina with her baby
Bill's Silver C5
Neal and his enhanced Z06
Tom and his C5 hardtop
Rich's black C4
Lisa's green C5
Jeff detailing his winning C4
BJ's red C4
Bubba's BHAWK C5
Steve and Leah's blue C4
Susan and Herk's 50th Anniversary C5
Mark's red C1
A CFCA Hoods Up Salute
63 Grand Sport Replica
Rich accepting his trophy
Jeff and Kathy accepting their trophy
Steve and Leah accepting their trophy
Bill accepting his trophy
Lisa and Kim accepting their trophy
Neal accepting his trophy
The CFCA Vettes at the Villages Show Participants
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