1 of 1Daytona Speed Park - 6/7/03
Thanks to Lisa Lafferty for the photos!
CFCA arrives at the Speed Park in Daytona.
Tom gets some last minute tips.
Sherri is ready to go.
Who IS that man?
Gary gets some needed help.
Hey Ray... wake up!
Sleeping at the wheel.
And they're off!
I'm gonna beat those boys!
Where am I again???
Another group waiting for the green.
No Kerry, you can't take it out in the parking lot.
Jon is just so happy to be here.
Oh my... is that a tie I see?
Now THIS is the way its done.
Tom is on a mission.
I know those guys are around here somewhere.
Dead Heat! Watch out Kim, Roy is on your tail.
Jon and Gary just foolin' around.
Lucy trying to catch Kim. Can she do it?
Hey, get the heck outta my way!
Ray is now fully awake.
Girls just want to have fun.
These boys are gonna get into trouble.
Roy trying to catch up again.
Did we get caught in the act at Inlet Harbor? You bet we did!
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