Solivita Corvette Show 2003
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.Kerry and Mark arrived before the sun came up.JPG 004.New vs. Old.JPG 005.Beautiful 'Eagle' trophies.JPG 006.Lisa and Kim arrive.JPG 007.Rich has his black '89 gleaming.JPG
008.Could this be Lisa's next new toy.JPG 009.Bob's and Joyce's new and improved '99.JPG 010.That cool new racing stripe adds at least 15 MPH.JPG 011.Larry sweats the details on his and Bonnie's '03.JPG 013.Solivita and the Vettes were picturesque.JPG
015.Beautiful '74 and '73 convertibles.JPG 017.CFCA takes home its share of the trophies.JPG      

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