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Sarasota Ribfest 2003
000.Just down the street from the Vinoy Hotel.JPG 001.And right across the water from the St. Pete Pier.JPG 002.Mark's '59 was the first Vette to arrive.JPG 003.But 200 more were close behind.JPG 004.Don's and Sherry's beautiful '58 was there.JPG
005.As was this other very nice '58.JPG 006.There was this Fawn Beige '62.JPG 007.Next to which was this Black '61.JPG 008.There was also this Red '62.JPG 009.And, of course, there were dozens upon dozens of gorgeous C4s and C5s.JPG
010.Like this tricked-out Z06 convertible.JPG 011.Oh, and there was a table full of nice Eagle trophies, too.JPG 012.Mark's and Leonard's '59s shared the waterfront.JPG 013.The entire park was full of Corvettes.JPG 014.Including this Taso Turquoise '60 (like Phil's).JPG
015.And this first of a pair of identical Red '60s.JPG 016.That bracketed this Red '62.JPG 017.Are you detecting a pattern here.JPG 018.Dennis and Cindy were there with their '63 Grand Sport Image.JPG 019.Then there was this bad boy.JPG
020.But if you wanted REAL horsepower, there was Miss Budweiser.JPG 021.2,650 HP to be exact.JPG 022.And Dennis's UFO had a ringside seat.JPG 023.On the more delicate side, there was this beautiful '57.JPG 024.And don't forget Bruce Wayne's C5 entry.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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