1 of 1CFCA Garage Sale Fundraiser - April 2003
Thanks to Gary Wolenhaupt for the photos and Neal Monacelli (Oakland Motorsports) for hosting the event!
A CFCA Fundraiser
Thanks to our host!
Bill's Silver Bullet
Bubba's Black Beauty
Tom's FRC
Neal's Electron Blue Z06
Lisa's Green Machine
Larry and Bonnie's 50th
Patti and Hutch's Z06 Vert
Mini Corvette Show
Great Venue and Great Weather
Insert Tab A into Slot Whatever
So easy a child could do it
Ready to go
Now all we need are customers
Fundraisers are easy with an easy chair
Is it noon yet?
So much air, so little time
Quality Merchandise
Pssst... Hey, Rachelle... WAKE UP!
Wonderful Woofers
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