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Eckler's Reunion 2003
001.Setting up at Eckler's at O'dark-thirty.JPG 003.Both these beauties won prizes.JPG 004.Yellow was a very popular color.JPG 005.Tony's and Joane's perfect '93.JPG 006.A very patriotic C3 Racer.JPG
007.The Racer's interior.JPG 008.A gorgeous red '81.JPG 009.Eric's 1st place C1 and People's Choice '58.JPG 010.A beautiful '61 and her proud owners.JPG 011.One of the famous '53 C5 conversions.JPG
012.A pristine Roman Red '60.JPG 013.Bob's rejuvenated '99.JPG 014.Gary pointing out to Hutch that 'Wild Thing' is NOT a Z06.JPG 015.'Vette Vixen' and 'Wild Thing' holding down the fort.JPG 016.The '63-'67 Registry had GORGEOUS C2's.JPG
017.Like this awesome '64 Coupe.JPG 018.And this mint '63 Split Window.JPG 019.And let's not forget Dennis's UFO Grand Sport Image.JPG 020.The Triple Ruby '93's had a place of their own.JPG 021.And Walt's 'Baby One' was right there with them.JPG
022.The show and the weather were spectacular.JPG 023.This Candy-Apple Red '79 was a show-stopping award winner.JPG 024.You want HOW much for this '67 Tri-Power Big Block.JPG 025.This pooch knows his Vettes.JPG 027.Flawless '79 and Killer '61.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the great photos!

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