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CFCA Christmas Party 2003
001.The CFCA Christmas Party gets underway.JPG 002.A good time was mandatory, dancing was optional.JPG 003.Pat and Shelley confer over costs as Jon prepares party.JPG 004.President Bob and Secretary Joyce.JPG 005.Uh-oh, the alien ritual has begun.JPG
006.Something called 'The Electric Slide'.JPG 007.A one-uh and a two-uh.JPG 008.Joan and Joyce enjoy the holiday festivities.JPG 009.First, Bob and Joyce show everyone how it's done.JPG 010.Then, Bob Travolta REALLY cuts loose.JPG
011.The men were lined up to dance with outgoing President Lisa.JPG 012.Gary was up, while the other gentleman (im)patiently waited their turns.JPG 013.Incoming President Bob takes his turn with outgoing President Lisa.JPG 014.BJ was all smiles during his turn with Lisa.JPG 015.Duane was his usual, ultra-suave self.JPG
016.Then it was Larry's turn to waltz Lisa.JPG 017.Ray was having too good a time for Roy to show up.JPG 018.And then, it was Mike's turn.JPG 019.And finally, Mrs. Cole got to dance with Mr. Cole.JPG 020.Then it was Bob's turn to dance with the lucky ladies.JPG
021.However, Bob, being a man of the people (or is that a ladies' man)---.JPG 022.Elected to dance with all of his women at once.JPG 023.You RULE, Bob.JPG 024.And then, just as everyone was checking out there gifts---.JPG 025.The CFCA-YMCA Quintet broke into song---.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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