1 of 1Cruiser's For Kids 2003
Rich's black C4 coupe
Lisa's Dark Bowling Green Metallic convertible
Kerry and Joy's Electron Blue Coupe
Bubba and Becky's Black coupe
Kim's Red Shark Coupe
Hutch & Patti's Z06 Convertible
Joe and Melissa's white C4 coupe (with a fresh motor!)
Herk & Susan's brand new 50th Anniversary Convertible
Herk and Susan's silver coupe
Susan says, 'If you put your foot on that car you're a dead man!'
Joe keeping cool and out of the sun
Eric was still resting up from the night before
Bubba, Rich and Kerry discuss the finer details of wax management
Look! It's R2D2 himself!
The great Model-A assembly race!
These guys actually assembled and drove away a Model A Ford in just 8 minutes!
Hurry up, hurry up!
Where does this go?
A little bit to the right...
All done!
It was a good day with our Corvettes and we earned some money for The Russell Home, too.
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