1 of 1CFCA 30th Anniversary Club Photo Shoot

Thanks to Mark G. for the photos!

Lessee, how's this work?
Okay, now what???
Well, I guess it kinda looks like a Vette
Okay, what's this lever do?
This should be fun
Hey, you can see my house from up here
Yeah, we've got the hang of this now
Yep, this is THE shot
Early arrivasl, BJ, Patty, Billd and Mark
Killing time waiting for the other volunteers
We CAN make this work... we have the technology
The first arrivals get parked
The famous ZL-1 arrives
Ahhh... shade!
Gary and Jon share a moment
Starting to line up
One of only ZL-1's two ever built
Mark's oldest surviving '59
Joan and Gary's 82 Collector
Ray and Rochelle's triple-black convertible
The calm before the storm
58 gorgeous beauties. Well done CFCA & Happy 30th!
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