1 of 1St. Armands Circle Corvette Show
May 3rd, 2003

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos

016.Unique Purple C3 Rear.jpg
017.Unique Purple C3 Engine.jpg
018.Unique Purple C3 Interior.jpg
019.Unique Purple C3 Interior.jpg
020.Jeff's and Kathy's C4 Torch Front.jpg
021.Jeff's and Kathy's C4 Torch Rear.jpg
022.Neal's Blue Z06.jpg
023.Bill's Silver C5.jpg
024.John's and Barbara's Mag Red C5.jpg
025.Kerry's and Joy's Blue C5.jpg
026.Faux Z06 (or Hutch's Nightmare).jpg
027.Two Pair.jpg
028.Grey Metallic 50th.jpg
029.Grey Metallic 50th Interior.jpg
030.Larry's Metallic Ruby 50th.jpg
031.Larry's Metallic Ruby 50th.jpg
032.Larry's 50th In Front of a 40th.jpg
033.Lots of Vettes.jpg
034.Not Your Dad's C5 (Well, Maybe It Is).jpg
035.Not Your Dad's C5 Detail.jpg
036.Wild Flames.jpg
037.A Sea of Vettes.jpg
038.Tommy's Ride.jpg
039.Nice Awards.jpg
040.Corvette Concepts Twins.jpg
041.Classic Chevrolet Popcorn Truck.jpg
042.Hot, Hot Vettes.jpg
043.Engineering Marvel.jpg
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