HOG Run 2002

Fun Run for the Russell Home, Jan 2002
Photos by Bob R., Gary W., Mark G. & Hutch

CFCA's 'Glamour Shot' prior to departure Lining up at Courtesy Chevrolet Getting ready Drivers meeting Does anyone know where we're going?
Ready to roll! Waiting... waiting... waiting... What a sight to behold! Lisa & Laurie Joan & Gary
B.J. Eric & Tammy Jon & Pat Arriving at the park at the park
at the park at the park at the park at the park at the park
at the park at the park at the park at the park at the park
Lotsa bikes! Bikes and MORE bikes Vettes and bikes... not a bad combination John & Kathy's 92 Bill's C5
Bob's KEWL window graphics C1's Rule Mark's 59 Dave's 61 Neal's brand new Z06
Debbie's 95 Hutch's new topless Z06 Hutch was color coordinated with his Z06 Dennis and his 'UFO' early Grand Sport Now THIS is one cool kit car
Neat lines All business in here Sweet 57 Chevy On the road at last on the road
on the road on the road Arriving downtown reserved parking just for us Laurie, Lisa, and Pat enjoy their first cold one
At Kate O'Brien's in Church Street Station Mike & Viktor discuss world politics Gary W. Kathy B was mighty thirsty Genuine biker-dog
Bob, Marily, Debbie and Kathy Patti was feeling no pain... ... here's why Roger had a good time (really!) Joan W and some motley group
Viktor was typically horny Mrs. Russell arrives Mrs Russel draws the winning Harley raffle ticket Mrs Russell thanks everyone for their support. But no... thank YOU Mrs Russell, for all you do.

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